Mountain Spirit Tribe Gathering

Monday, September 08, 2008 , Posted by TheMidnightWriter at 3:58 PM

Mountain Spirit Tribe Medicine Wheel Gathering in the Ochoco

As of today there are about 20 folks on site at the Indian Prairie in the Ochoco National Forest in Oregon at the same site as last falls Medicine Wheel Gathering and reunion. Please treat this as a sacred assembly and please do not post the traditional rainbow howdy folks because this is a unique Mountain Spirit Tribe prayer assembly and work project. Trail restoration and bridge work will continue as well as checking for any signs remaining of past gatherings such as fire pits, etc. These issues will be handled and work to restore will be done.

Hopefully, we will have the sweat lodge again this year if I can get word to Medicine Dancer. Raven and I are in route and expect to be there in two days. If anyone can call Medicine Dancer, he is in Oregon. I will try as well.
Summer Breeze and Raven have been in communication with the Ranger from the Ochocos but hesitated in putting out any formal invitations until today because there was a huge fire within a mile of Indian Prairie just two weeks or so ago and last week they were still mopping up. The universe decided it was still happening because folks showed up there a week ago. The Ranger emailed me today but Raven and I already suspected as much and began heading that way. So the prayer assembly is on. Follow the directions posted last year and for the 1997 Rainbow Annual gathering.

It is our hope to keep these numbers under 75 as there are issues with the government over the permit, and talks with the Undersecretary Mark Rey have fallen by the way side concerning the operating plan under alternative means. We are still planning to use an operating plan and do not foresee a need for a permit as this will be a small assembly of the Mountain Sprit Tribe. Our focus will be clean up and restoration while maintaining our prayers for the healing of the land and its people.

If you want to help with this unique project, please show up with enough food for a week to feed your self and two other people. Bring trash bags, buckets to carry rocks and water, shovels, saws, picks, pulaskis and whatever tools will be useful for clean up. Please bring water jugs and be prepared to fill and carry them from the spring tap across the road. There will not be any water pipes or formal kitchens. It is our hope to have everyone circle up in one camp and unite to feed and pray and get the work done. Bring drums,guitars, and all musical instruments. Bring warm clothing and sleeping gear. Be prepared to be self sufficient.

Dates planned for the gathering are September 11-18, with a clean up crew staying up to one week beyond.
If you need further details, email me at

I will be in the woods September 10th in the evening until about the 24th, so I will be out of touch most likely during that time, unless you are on the land with me.
See you at home family. We love you.

Please be respectful. Pack it in. Pack it out. Clean up starts the day you arrive. Be respectful to the Forest Service rangers. If you cannot participate in the circle unity and the prayer assemblies or the restoration work, maybe there is another event more suitable to you. Please do not bring alcohol or drugs. This is a spiritual assembly.

Make sure your vehicle is legally registered and be sure that drivers have license and insurance. Follow the laws of the land and the forest to prevent any problems. If you need something while at the gathering, please ask for it and please do not take what does not belong to you. Please respect all who attend.

Respect. Peace. Love.
Welcome Home.

Summer Breeze, the Midnight Writer

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