Free Assembly Rights are inherent to all

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One of the main precepts that rainbow gatherings stand upon is the right to peaceable assembly on public lands. You may be wondering why that is important and what it has to do with you. It is a crucial right that all people possess at birth in this nation of America. Free Assembly is the main precept guaranteed and secured under the united states of America constitutional law. The Constitution does not give you this right. It only guarantees its protection under the Law of the Land. Every one has the right by nature of being a citizen of this free nation.

The second part of the rainbow gathering precept to consider is the fact that these gatherings take place on public lands usually within a national forest. Why, you ask? Because all public national forest system lands belong to the people, to you and to me.

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I'm curious about any appeals cases on 36CFR261

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I haven't stayed in tune with the rainbow gathering court cases this year so I would be fascinated to follow up on the latest news. I'm curious about any appeals cases on 36 CFR 261 stemming from the Pennsylvania gathering 2010 dating back to 1990. If any cases earlier than that are unresolved, that would be strange indeed. During the twenty year span I listed, I am interested in comparing the cases from start to finish based upon the laws or regulations at the time citations were received. Next, I want to compare the states where citations were given and list the fine amounts. The final comparison would be severity in sentences, fines or judgements. If anyone has information, please email