Tyson Schrade Update

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www.CentralOregonian.com (541) 447-6205 558 N. Main St., Prineville, OR 97754
Active search for missing hiker concluded Tyson Schrade remains missing after more than a week of searching By Kevin Gaboury
After searching in vain for a 27-year-old missing hiker for more than 10 days, Crook County Search and Rescue (SAR) officials suspended the search for Tyson Schrade on Monday pending further developments in the case.
Schrade, a Salem resident, reportedly disappeared from a Rainbow Family gathering near Indian Prairie in the Ochoco National Forest on Sept. 11, but SAR officials weren't notified until Sept. 13.
"The search is ongoing. It's not the (SAR) command trailer and the big parade of volunteers, but we're not giving up," said Crook County Special Services Commander Brandon Smith. "We're still investigating this and we're hoping some clues might give us an idea of where else to look."
After finding footprints on Sept. 18, that investigators believe are Schrade's, SAR personnel followed them for 2 « miles before reaching a hard-packed dirt road, where the footprints disappeared.
"On the last day, we walked along that road about six miles, flanking it and trying to find clues, but we just couldn't come up with anything," Smith said.
The footprints, which matched Schrade's print pattern and size, led investigators north through the rugged area of the Bridge Creek Burn before vanishing.
Smith said that on any given day of the search, there were approximately 20 SAR volunteers from Wheeler, Crook and Deschutes counties looking for Schrade, along with helicopters, airplanes and dogs - and they also utilized some less conventional methods, including the use of a psychic at the request of Schrade's mother.
However, officials are now concerned that with the recent drop in temperature, Schrade may have succumbed to hypothermia. If this is the case, Smith said he may have left behind some clothing, which could lead to his whereabouts.
"He wasn't really dressed for the elements," Smith said. "We had really cold nights last week, and he probably would have started shedding clothing. During hypothermia, the body makes you think that you're hot."
The Crook County SAR encourages hunters and anyone else in the area to keep an eye out for a studded belt, black pants cut below the knee, a black t-shirt with AUDIO written in white and a conductor-style hat - the last clothes that Schrade was seen wearing.
Schrade is described as a Caucasian male, 5' 10" in height and weighing 175 lbs. He has dark brown hair cut into a Mohawk and blue eyes.
Despite the recent developments, Smith has a feeling that Schrade is still out there.
"I'm about 80 percent certain he's still out in those woods, but there's a 20 percent chance that he jumped in with somebody and got a ride out of there," he said. "We think because of his medical condition that he's up there somewhere."
Schrade's condition reportedly causes hallucinations and delirium tremens (DTs), which are normally associated with alcohol withdrawal. It is unknown whether this was the case in Schrade.
However, Smith feels that this situation could have been prevented if Schrade had received help earlier.
"It's really a tragedy that the folks there weren't decent enough to call authorities when he was exhibiting medical problems the night before," Smith said. "He should have been hospitalized that night, but the folks there refused to do that. Then, with the conditions they knew he had, they allowed him to wander into the woods and didn't call us for two days. My heart goes out to the Schrade family."

Timeline of Schrade search

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Story copied from http://kohd.com/news/local/45469
Search for Missing Man
09/22/08 Ochoco Nat'l Forest

Progress is made in the search for 27 year old Tyson Schrade who wandered away from a gathering in the Ochoco Nat'l Forest in Wheeler County last Thursday. Below is the timeline of the search.

Monday, September 22, 2008

On Saturday afternoon after 8 days of searching, officials have suspended the search for Tyson Schrade pending further developments in the case. We are asking that anyone that may be in that area keeps their eyes open for a studded belt, black pants cut right below the knee, a black t-shirt with AUDIO written in white, and a conductor's hat. Please notify Crook County Sheriff's Offfice if you have any information.

Friday, September 19, 2008 Update
Searchers will return to the Search area today to continue to track foot prints followed yesterday. Ground teams will continue searching in the hopes of finding new clues to determine Tyson's direction of travel.
Thursday, September 18, 2008 Update

Wednesday's Search was very productive. Searchers located a set of foot prints heading to the north toward private land and through the recent Bridge Creek burn. Searchers followed the tracks nearly 1 mile through very rugged terrain. The shoe print pattern and size are consistent with Tyson's.

10 Searchers from the Crook County Sheriff's Office and the Wheeler County Sheriff's Office will return to the Search area today in an attempt to re-locate and follow these foot prints. We would like to thank the public for all of the tips that have come in.

Wednesday, September 17, 2008 Update

The Search for Tyson Schrade will continue for today. Search crews will focus their efforts on a location to the East of the gathering.

Tuesday , September 16, 2008 Update

Thirty Search and Rescue Personnel representing Wheeler County, Crook County, Deschutes County and the United States Forest Service returned to the area around Indian Prairie. Tyson's family arrived in Prineville today to assist with the search.

Monday, September 15, 2008 Update

The Search Continues for Tyson Schrade. The Civil Air Patrol and Crook County Search and Rescue searched the Ochoco National Forest today. Tyson Schrade's family has been located in Northern California and is on their way to Prineville to assist in the search efforts. Authorities appreciate the assistance of the public and are following up on leads.

Sunday, September 14, 2008 Update

Members of the Wheeler County Sheriff's Office, Crook County Sheriff's Office, and Crook County Search and Rescue volunteers continue to look for Tyson Schrade (pronounced Schrad E) in and around the Indian Prairie area. Information gathered today leads authorities to believe that Tyson is more than likely still in the forest and we are looking for the publics help. If anyone has seen Tyson or a person meeting Tyson's description, please contact the Wheeler County or Crook County Sheriff's Office.

Saturday, September 13, 2008

While performing Search and Rescue training on Saturday September 13, 2008, the
Crook County Search and Rescue Team was flagged down by Rainbow Gathering participants near Indian Prairie in the Ochoco National Forest, Wheeler County Oregon. The Search and Rescue Team was informed that Tyson Glenn Schrade (age 27) had wandered away from the gathering the morning of Thursday, September 11th.

Tyson is described as a Caucasian male, 5'10", 175 lbs, dark brown hair and blue eyes. Tyson was last seen wearing black cut off "Dickies" style work pants, a black t-shirt with 6"-8" white horizontal lettering on the front spelling out the word "Audio". Tyson has a Mohawk style hair cut, but was last seen wearing a train conductor's hat. Tyson may be suffering from a medical condition causing hallucinations and delirium.

At this time, it is unclear if Tyson is in the forest or has hitched hiked out of the area. If anyone has information about Tyson Schrade's whereabouts, please contact the Wheeler or Crook County Sheriff's Office

Search for Tyson Suspended

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Search for missing Salem man suspended

Posted: Sep 15, 2008 05:38 PM PDT

Last Updated: Sep 22, 2008 04:57 PM PDT

Flyer prepared by Crook County Sheriff's Office for missing man, Tyson Schrade

Flyer prepared by Crook County Sheriff's Office for missing man, Tyson Schrade

Reportedly had joined 'Rainbow' gathering; mother fears for son

By Amy Easley, Tony Fuller and Kate Paul, KTVZ.COM

Searchers east of Prineville on Thursday found more footprints, for a total of 2 1/2 miles after two days, but so far have not found a Salem man missing for a week in very rugged terrain, Crook County sheriff's deputies said.

But on Saturday afternoon, after eight days of searching, officials suspended the search for Tyson Schrade, 27, pending further developments in the case.

Crook County authorities asked on Monday that anyone who is in the Indian Prairie area look out for a studded belt, black pants cut right below the knee, a black T-shirt with "AUDIO" written in whit, and a conductor's hat. You're asked to notify Crook County sheriff's deputies with any information

Shoe prints in a pattern and size consistent with Schrade were found heading to the north, toward private land and through the area burned by the recent Bridge Creek Fire, deputies said.

Ten Crook and Wheeler county deputies returned to the search area Thursday and followed the footprints, using a GPS tracking device to connect the dots, so to speak.

They said it looked like Schrade was heading north from Indian Prairie to a forest road, but that the footprints stopped. So he might have hitched a ride out of the area, but definitely spent some time in the forest.

Since he left the campsite without his backpack, he apparently had no extra clothes if it got cold, nor any food.

His mother, Denice, has been handing out flyers around Prineville.

Deputies offered thanks to the public for al the tips that have come in as to Schrade's whereabouts. And they said they'd keep searching, as long as new clues arise.

The Salem man was reported missing last Saturday, two days after leaving a group of fellow campers near the Bridge Creek Wilderness Area on the Ochoco National Forest.

Two Civil Air Patrol planes from Bend and Medford flew Monday to help Wheeler and Crook county sheriff's deputies search for the man, last seen Sept. 11 near the wilderness area, about 40 miles northeast of Prineville, said sheriff's Deputy Will Osborn.

Crook County Undersheriff Jim Hensley said Schrade was reported missing Saturday night after leaving a group of friends last Thursday morning at the Spirit Mountain Festival in the Indian Prairie area of Wheeler County.

Osborn said Schrade had been camping in the area with the Rainbow Family, a group that frequently holds gatherings in the national forests during the summer.

Wednesday's focus for search crews was on a location to the east of that gathering, officials said. On Tuesday, 30 search and rescue personnel returned to the area, as Tyson's family arrived in Prineville to assist in the search.

Hensley said Crook County Sheriff's Search and Rescue members were in the area on a training exercise when they were contacted by the group. He said an investigation has determined the man could have gotten a ride out of the area, or could be hiding out in the wilderness.

A ground search was conducted Sunday in the area covered with thick underbrush, Osborn said, and another took place Tuesday.

Schrade was described as 5-foot-11 and 160 pounds, with brown hair in a mohawk and blue eyes.

Anyone with information as to his whereabouts was asked to contact Crook or Wheeler county authorities.

"My son has a medical condition, and I don't know if he is going to make it out of here," said Denice Schrade. "So if anybody sees anything odd - he was wearing all black - he is definitely in trouble."

Brandon Smith, Crook County Search and Rescue commander, said, "What we're hoping for is that some woodcutters or some hunters might be able to see him or maybe spot some clothing from this gentleman, and give us some clues, so we know where to search."

But Denice Schrade added, "They're saying the odds aren't so good.  I just want him found, one way or the other, because I don't know if I can live with him just being missing forever, and I just want him found."

Two days later, she was still trying to hold out hope, but said, "I just don't understand."


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In the year 2004, I was arrested at the California Rainbow gathering for gathering on National Forest System lands without a permit. The original citation was given to me two years prior in July 2002 in Michigan during that annual rainbow gathering. Two years later after court hearings and a second arrest, the forest service took me into custody and transported me to five facilities around the nation.

After thirty days of no contact with my family, or any one, my daughter drove from Pennsylvania to Michigan to take me to her home. At the same time, my husband Raven and dearly departed friend, Shanti Sena Luke, were on their way to rendezvous with me in New Mexico at the home of our dear friend Indian Bob.

During the entire drive from Michigan to Pennsylvania, I listened over and over to Footloose with my daughter Shannon's blessing. She knew I was happy to be free.

Listen to the song and you will understand why I chose this one as my freedom song.

insert the video here....


During the time of my first arrest and three arraignments in Sacramento Federal court, I traveled by train from Mount Shasta to Sacramento. With one week between each hearing, I prepared documents for court, consulted with Raven and family and friends to prepare my case. My favorite inspirational song during that time was "Eye of The Tiger."

Mountain Spirit Gathering Update

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"Angel Summer" angelonmyshoulder77@yahoo.com


"Robert C Rawlings" <rrawlings@fs.fed.us>


"Cathy A Lund" <clund@fs.fed.us>, "Bill Queen" <bqueen@fs.fed.us>, "mountain spirit" <mountainspirit@yahoogroups.com>

Hi Rob,

We are so sorry not to be there yet. I appreciate the information and will do what I can to share the word. This email is going to our yahoo group at mountainspirit, so I am hoping and trusting that the word will be spread out to all points of light from there.

I will pull the directions from last year and repost them on mountainspirit so folks can share them, but it is not intended for a huge crowd as the folks of mountainspirit tribe were told. It was also discussed that folks coming would have transportation worked out, as well as supplies, food, a tent, warm clothing. We even discussed being prepared to fee two more people. If someone put this out to the general rainbow and other public, they have created an event more than we agreed to have. This is a small assembly of folks who gathered last year for the purpose of teaching, sharing, praying and working on some trails.

I have a feeling that some folks up there who showed up early without consulting us, especially since there was a fire, got anxious for company and food and decided to put out a big invitation. That was inappropriate and against our consensus.

What I can suggest is that I am putting out this message to mountainspirit@yahoogroups.com and hoping that folks on the way to this gathering will read it online and understand the purpose of this event.

I strongly discourage hitchhiking. If someone does not have arrangements for this gathering, then most likely they also were not in on the counsels and do not understand that this is not a rainbow gathering. This is a Mountain Spirit Tribe working counsel and volunteer work crew to do some more clean up from the 1997 annual gathering as well as damage from the cows on the trails because we love this prairie.

The directions are on www.welcomehome.org under the 97 rainbow gathering, however amendments were made last year. Those directions will reposted separately on mountainspirit@yahoogroups.com

Rob, please instruct your Rangers to tell folks that they find hitchhiking to be more respectful to passing traffic. I will also send an email out to folks who might know the folks who are up there. Otherwise, use discernment if someone is violating the law and deal with them accordingly.

Raven and I are really apologetic not to be there yet, but as I said before we need a tire and have been unsuccessful in finding the size we need. We're running on a spare that isn't safe for mountain roads, so we took the roundabout way looking for a tire dealer who might have what we need.

That aside, folks who showed up on the land did not contact us recently to find out if the gathering was still to proceed as planned from last year, so I was not really prepared to come at the time I set out, but am heading that way out of concern for the safety of the people who might be drawn up there and out of respect for you Rob because we told you we would be there if the gathering happened. We are on our way but cannot come into the gathering till we have a tire.

Thanks again for your help.

Summer Breeze and Raven

--- On Thu, 9/11/08, Robert C Rawlings <rrawlings@fs.fed.us> wrote:

From: Robert C Rawlings <rrawlings@fs.fed.us>
Subject: In case you haven't left yet
To: angelonmyshoulder77@yahoo.com
Cc: "Cathy A Lund" <clund@fs.fed.us>, "Bill Queen" <bqueen@fs.fed.us>
Date: Thursday, September 11, 2008, 10:41 AM
I was there yesterday afternoon, looked like maybe 30 people and more
working their way up to the Prairie. A couple of things to let you
know....it seems like many of the people are lost once they get to
Prineville and especially lost once they get into the Forest, maybe you
could have someone spread some directions or mark the route? Secondly, I
got several reports yesterday of people doing some pretty aggressive
hitchhiking, standing in the road, waving their arms and what not. I heard
that one of the locals called the Sheriff to come and put a stop to it.
Maybe you could get the word out that it's not cool to stop traffic like
that, and especially not cool to stop and try to get on the school bus
that's hauling kids home. At least one of the ladies who lives up the
valley is now scared to drive home from work alone. Sorry to have to pass
this on, here's one of the emails I got today.

Good Morning Everyone! I feel like a tattle tail but this seems pretty
important. The bus driver for our girls bus was pretty scared when Bill
picked the girls up at the bus stop.
She said the Rainbows were in the road she thought it was an accident or
something and started to slow down....as she slowed down they tried to
board the bus. Scared her to pieces.
So I thought you should know.

Rob Rawlings
Ochoco NF

Mountain Spirit Gathering Report

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im already here i wish you guys were here i know you didnt want this posted but we had a concil and dicided otherwise because the fores service already here outnumber us three to one and we need family there is no trace whatsoever of last year and im extremlly busy and barly online so get to the woods and we'll talk sorry if i caused any harm i love and miss you both

Posted by j-hawk on Sep 8, 2008 9:14 PM

Mountain Spirit Tribe Gathering

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Mountain Spirit Tribe Medicine Wheel Gathering in the Ochoco

As of today there are about 20 folks on site at the Indian Prairie in the Ochoco National Forest in Oregon at the same site as last falls Medicine Wheel Gathering and reunion. Please treat this as a sacred assembly and please do not post the traditional rainbow howdy folks because this is a unique Mountain Spirit Tribe prayer assembly and work project. Trail restoration and bridge work will continue as well as checking for any signs remaining of past gatherings such as fire pits, etc. These issues will be handled and work to restore will be done.

Hopefully, we will have the sweat lodge again this year if I can get word to Medicine Dancer. Raven and I are in route and expect to be there in two days. If anyone can call Medicine Dancer, he is in Oregon. I will try as well.
Summer Breeze and Raven have been in communication with the Ranger from the Ochocos but hesitated in putting out any formal invitations until today because there was a huge fire within a mile of Indian Prairie just two weeks or so ago and last week they were still mopping up. The universe decided it was still happening because folks showed up there a week ago. The Ranger emailed me today but Raven and I already suspected as much and began heading that way. So the prayer assembly is on. Follow the directions posted last year and for the 1997 Rainbow Annual gathering.

It is our hope to keep these numbers under 75 as there are issues with the government over the permit, and talks with the Undersecretary Mark Rey have fallen by the way side concerning the operating plan under alternative means. We are still planning to use an operating plan and do not foresee a need for a permit as this will be a small assembly of the Mountain Sprit Tribe. Our focus will be clean up and restoration while maintaining our prayers for the healing of the land and its people.

If you want to help with this unique project, please show up with enough food for a week to feed your self and two other people. Bring trash bags, buckets to carry rocks and water, shovels, saws, picks, pulaskis and whatever tools will be useful for clean up. Please bring water jugs and be prepared to fill and carry them from the spring tap across the road. There will not be any water pipes or formal kitchens. It is our hope to have everyone circle up in one camp and unite to feed and pray and get the work done. Bring drums,guitars, and all musical instruments. Bring warm clothing and sleeping gear. Be prepared to be self sufficient.

Dates planned for the gathering are September 11-18, with a clean up crew staying up to one week beyond.
If you need further details, email me at angelonmyshoulder77@yahoo.com.

I will be in the woods September 10th in the evening until about the 24th, so I will be out of touch most likely during that time, unless you are on the land with me.
See you at home family. We love you.

Please be respectful. Pack it in. Pack it out. Clean up starts the day you arrive. Be respectful to the Forest Service rangers. If you cannot participate in the circle unity and the prayer assemblies or the restoration work, maybe there is another event more suitable to you. Please do not bring alcohol or drugs. This is a spiritual assembly.

Make sure your vehicle is legally registered and be sure that drivers have license and insurance. Follow the laws of the land and the forest to prevent any problems. If you need something while at the gathering, please ask for it and please do not take what does not belong to you. Please respect all who attend.

Respect. Peace. Love.
Welcome Home.

Summer Breeze, the Midnight Writer

Ochoco Prayer Vigil

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According to the local Ranger Rob, the fires that burned over 5500 acres in the Ochoco National Forest are basically out with some hot spots being mopped up and watched.  There are a couple road closures, one of the roads being just beyond the entrance to Indian Prairie. However, the prairie was untouched and the road to it is open. Forest Service advises folks to exercise caution if and when entering this region. Forest Service is asking people to be especially careful with any fires. Be sure not to leave them unattended.

Bridge Creek Fire 

Bridge Creek Fire

The flames remind me of the volcanic sunsets I 've been seeing this month due to the volcanic activity in Alaska. Seems like fire is everywhere cleansing the land. Now the water has come to put out the fires in some places and to finish the cleansing process. There are series of hurricanes, tornadoes and devastating floods around the country presently. These events are a reminder that people are subject to nature and that God and nature need to be dealt with in respect and honor.

medicine lodge

Medicine Lodge Ochoco Memorial Gathering 2007

Medicine Dancer and his crew built this sweat lodge at the Mountain Spirit Tribe Medicine Wheel Gathering in the Ochoco National Forest at Indian Prairie last September 11-23, 2007.  It served as a focus prayer camp for nine days of sweat lodge. The communal spirit of folks at this small gathering was very inspiring.

Folks who attended last year held counsels about the gathering itself, about the formation of the Mountain Spirit Tribe and its future events and purpose. A consensus was reached by all present during the vision counsel circle that all who wanted to become part of the tribe and/or the Medicine Wheel Gatherings, would gather purposely at Indian Prairie for the next four years. It was also a concensus that both spring and fall gatherings would be held.

This year, some unexpected events with the annual rainbow gathering in Wyoming, along with personal loss and tragedy with the death of our brother (Raven and Summer Breeze) Kenny, which prevented our focus in calling the counsels or in preparing for the spring or fall events. However, we are gaining our momentum and focus once again. We will be dedicating a lot of time this fall and winter in the focalizing of the upcoming gatherings in 2009 for the Mountain Spirit Tribe and its Medicine Wheel Gatherings.

Raven and I are in Boise heading to the Ochoco to personally view the damage of the fires in that region.  It is our hope to take photographs and to write a story about the fires for our blogs. I have contemplated making a story submission to some of the outdoor magazines as well to get my freelance writing "feet wet". Regardless of success in that venture, we will interview some forest service personnel, locals who live in the area, and some of the wild fire fighters in hopes of getting a balanced and fair account of the wildfires in the Ochoco.

We have hesitated in calling anyone to assemble in the region because of the recent fires and our concerns for public safety. We have been in communication with the local resource Ranger and the District Ranger through him.

The Forest Service Office is located in Prineville, Oregon for this forest. Information about the fires is available online at the Forest Service website. Just type in Oregon and select Ochoco National Forest to find the information links about the fires.


  burning tree

Burning Tree in the Ochoco Fires

The pictures that I have been posting were obtained from the Forest Service website links that Ranger Rob sent to me.  In our correspondence, Rob has been helpful in giving me information and updates about the fires. Rob has tried to work it out with the new District Ranger for the Mountain Spirit Tribe to return there this month. We have the green light to show up about September 10 and permission to stay a week or two. Hunting season starts late September and it usually snows at least once by then.  The weather still has warm and dry days up until November.

Last year, the hunters were not a problem for us at all, as Rob acknowledged. The road closure orders will not affect the gathering either because the road to the prairie is open. This road is directly across from the tapped spring, which is the sole water source that is potable.

Tomorrow, I will most likely notify some members of the Mountain Spirit Tribe who expressed an interest in attending the gathering again this fall by way of email and phone. The prayer assembly will not be a big event like the memorial rainbow gathering tribute last year. We decided to keep it low key and off the internet except for this report on my blog to keep the numbers down, to protect the area and the people from any fire damage hazards, and to avoid hassle from Law Enforcement and the Forest Service over the permit issue that is always required at a rainbow gathering by the government. Since Mark Rey is not talking to us after the Wyoming disaster at Kiddie Village, we are uncertain of his position on the continued talks and co-operation with use of an operating plan, as has always been done at the rainbow gatherings. However, the Ranger will work with us on the operating plan alternative. I am believing the numbers will not reach 75, so the discussion on a permit being required will be moot.

Watch for more updates and my future articles for publication regarding the fires in the Ochoco National Forest as well as the regulations discussions with the Forest Service.

Story submitted by The Midnight Writer