The Seven Thunders

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The Seven Thunders

 Eagle Dance
Words from the Prophet John
And I John
And I John was in the Spirit on the Lord's Day.
The Sun shone with a brilliance of fire into the Hearts of Men
As has never before been Witnessed.
The Spirit of Elijah poured out the Vials of the Spirit of God
From overflowing Vessels in the Heavens covering all the Earth with His Word.
Voices and Thunderings uttered His Name begging for Mercy
Upon the Earth as the Vials of Wrath are poured forth by the Harvesting Angels.
And I John fell into a deep sleep for several Ages.
My Eyes were closed and My Mouth was shut up
So I could not Utter the rest of the Words of the Prophecy
Of the Little Book until the Time of It's Fulfillment.
The Seas roared and covered the Pages of the Book.
The Earth swallowed the Remnant of My Flesh in the Age the Prophecy was delivered.
Yet My Spirit and Body by the Command of the Almighty One
Are made Eternal, as I was given to drink
Of the Waters of Life freely.
Earthquakes moved the Mountains and the Waters and uncovered My Flesh,
So I am seen again in the Age of the Fulfillment of All Things.
And I John come again to Testify the Words of the Little Book.
My Mouth is opened as the Seal is removed
By the Angels of the Testimony.
Trumpets sound in the Eternal Realm as the Vials of Wrath are poured forth.
The Four Horsemen ride one by one to deliver the Message of their Time.
The Archangels call forth the Winds and the Seven Thunders.
All the Voices of the Prophets issue forth as they are sent back to the Earth
To finish the Work of the Testimony.
Elijah reigns Fire in the Spirits of Man
To Prepare for the Coming of the Master of the Kingdom.
And I John am called Forth by the Power and Glory of the Great I Am
To shew Forth the Hidden Words of the Book.
And I John saw the Word come forth from the Vapors of Smoke
In the Beginning and the End of the Age.
An Ancient Wonder sits upon the height of a mighty Mountain
And within lies a Stone of Purest Light.
Keys to the Mysteries of the Ancients lies within
The light of this Stone of Purest Light.
Touch it with your Mind and Voices will issue forth with
Whisperings and Song and Thunderings and Lightnings.
A Staff of the Power of the Love of Almighty God
Stands in the Midst of the Stone.
It is buried deep within the Walls of the Cavern of Wisdom in the Ancient Temple
Of the Tree of Knowledge.
The Keys to the Ancient Temple are guarded by the Flaming Sword and Seraphim.
Gabriel can take you There.
You went there with Elijah, who now walks in
Body and Spirit throughout the Seven Worlds.
Remove the Stone at the Entrance to the Cave where you have been told
To meditate and you will see clearly the Writings on the Wall.
And I John wrote the Symbols with the Power of the Hand of God.
And I John will reveal the Words to you as you write.
Hearken to the Voice of the Messenger of the Covenant.
And I John am only a Messenger.
I speak by the Power of the Holy and True from
The Dust of Mortality to the Winds of Eternity.
Let the Fires cover the Earth with His Power
As His Spirit comes forth to cleanse the Earth.
Let All the Prophecy be spoken in Thunderings until it is finished.
And I John have sealed My Testimony with My Blood in the
Beginning of The Time.
So shall I seal It with the Glory He has bestowed upon Me
As it is unveiled in the End of the Time.
And I John will see you as the Word unfolds and will shout
With the Voices of the Angels the Glory of the Almighty
As He descends upon the Earth.
And I John say to you, Prepare Ye the Way, for It Is at Hand. Amen.
Received by inspiration and power of the Holy Spirit on August 5, 2000.
I was carried away in Spirit as My Body slept to a high Mountain
In the Wilderness in the Midst of the Glory of God.
Pillars and Vapors of Smoke rose up from the Mountain Top
As Voices and Thunderings and Lightnings spoke in Endless Tones.
Songs were delivered on Breathings of Wind and
Encircled My Spirit with Power and Love.
The Glory surrounding My Spirit filled Me with Awe and Wonder.
Angels and Beasts of Golden Fire
Lit the Path with Censers of Incense.
The Vapors filled My Spirit with Peace and carried Me away
Onto Clouds of Light and Sound.
Lightnings and Whirlwinds encircled Me about
As Voices of Thunder began to Issue Forth from the Vapors of Smoke and Fire.
Flashes of Light cast My Spirit into a State of Quiet
Beyond the Light and the Sound and the Lightnings and Thunderings
Till I was sure that I was living no longer.
And then I was summoned by a Voice that whispered a warm wispy Breath of Wind
and Fire to My Soul....
"My Beloved John....I Am He that Was and Is and Is To Come.
And you John, are My Beloved Son and Servant Whom I have called
To The Wilderness to Witness the Voices of the Seven Thunders.
By the Power of My Spirit, rise up, and take upon a body of Flesh
And Deliver to the Earth the Words of the Hidden Book.
Now is the Time to write the Message of the Voices who Thundered in your Ears
The Prophecies of the End of the Time.
Carry your Spirit Back from the Waters atop the Mountain
And Enter the Time of the Testimony.
Witness again John to Kindreds, and Tongues, and Nations and Kings...
Fear not, John, for I Am with You until the End.
Go now in Peace and Remember the Words of the Voices of Thunder.
Testify to All the Earth until the Word covers the Earth.
Blow the Trumpet in Haste John, for soon Time will be no longer.
And So Be It Done."
"My Son, Be Strong in Spirit and Be filled with the Spirit of Love
And Wisdom until the Reign of the Son of Peace."
Revelation from John as Delivered by the Power of the Holy Spirit; August 5, 2000.
Revelation 4:5- "And out of the throne proceeded lightnings and thunderings and voices:
and there were seven lamps of fire burning before the throne,
which are the seven Spirits of God."
Angels of The Four Winds
The Angels of the Four Winds have unleashed the Woes
And poured out the Vials of Wrath upon the Earth.
The Angels' Robes shine bright like sapphires in the noontime Sun
Appearing as Myriads of Stars in the Heavens.
In the darkness of Night they light the Sky for the
Eyes of those with Discernment.
Look to the northern Star that marks the Path
To the Mountain of Eternal Oneness.
Standing behind him is the Great Mighty Bear,
Who in honor stood down from the Top of the Ladder,
Formed by the Stars of the North.
Turn your Gaze to the Lights in the East,
Where the Sun guards the Morning Light.
Here,ablazen with flickering Fire, are the Lions,
Guardians of the Eastern Gate.
Beasts of Eternity bow in humbling Grace to pay Honor
To the Voice of the Winds.
Lying face down they enter the night to make way for the King of the West,
a great giant Sun in Heaven's Domain, hidden by the Blaze of Earth's Sun.
Now the Star of the South climbs the Heavenly Gates to reach the Holy Temple.
Suns and Stars and Moons cross Paths as the Heat
From the Four Winds sears their Breast.
Angels call out in Voices Unknown to the Souls of Man,
"Hearken to the Whispering in the Song of the Winds.
It is the Voice of One Mighty and Strong."
In the Hush of Spirit a Trumpet calls out to the Ears of the Spirits from God,
Saying "I Am, I Am, I Am.
Come to the Altar of Light.
Walk with My Spirit, feel my Heart in my Breast,
And Know that you are all God.
Hearken to the Angels of the Wind,
Who brush hands with the Sky and the Trees.
Dance with them and sing the song of Eternal Youth,
As the Four Winds call out to you."
Prepare for a Star that shines in the West,
Invisible and Mighty is He.
When he appears in the Nighttime Sky,
A dust red Fire Whirling is what you will see.
He will sweep all the Stone and Molten Ash on His Path through Eternity,
Ttill He reaches the Gate at the Doorway to Earth...
When a Hush will fall on all Humanity.
Till the Star of the West passes on by....
Silence is All there Will Be.
The Four Winds bellow in Urgent Tones, to prepare for the Star of the East,
Who mightier than an Eagle He will fly by Night
And land in the Midst of the Sea.
A Torrent of Hail and Fire and Smoke by the
Whirlwind of His Tail He will enter.
The Earth will quake and the Sun will sleep,
And the Moon will shed Waters of Blood...
All mingled with the Breath of the Fire from the East
When the Wintertime ceases to Be.
Ice and Fire again as One from the Silence will boldly step forth.
Far more radiant than Stars or Sun the Brilliance of His Light
Will shine Beyond the Realm of the Earthen Throne Now Known to Be.
Song and Thundering will shake the Heavens in Rejoicing as Angels will shout.
The King of the East will claim His Throne as Earth Time Ceases to Be.
Revelation received by the Spirit August 8, 2000.
The Dawn of the Star of the East
Before the Dawn of the Star of the East,
Seven Thunders will echo His Name!
All Hail with Glory and Power and Honor
The King Who Was, and Is, and Will Be.
Silence on Earth
Glory to the Lamb
Time will no longer Be
All that I Am
Earth will Become
Waters of Fire in the Sea
Bright and Glorious
Sing praises to Him
That for Eternity-Will Be!
Thunders will echo as the Rains descend
In the Midst of the Fire and the Smoke.
The King of the East casts open the Sea
That as a Deluge covers the Land.
Voices in the Midst of the Rushing of Wings utter with Waves of the Wind.
Look up into the Eye of the Storm when the First Thunder sounds His Mighty Name.
There, on the Throne, sits the Whitened Lamb
Wearing a crown of White Stone.
Glistening in the Fire are Twelve Precious Gems that the Lamb adorns for a Crown.
The Thunder calls out in a ringing Tone
As His feet touch the Twelve Gems of His Crown.
The Lamb is transformed to the Strength of the Lion
Whose Fame was hidden by the Night.
At the Tone of the Thunder who first calls His Name,
He transforms the Mask of His Power,
And Wielding His Strength He leaps from the Throne
To cast the Elements of Heaven Asunder.
The Thunder increases as Lightning comes Forth to call it down from it's Power.
Standing Frozen and Still in It's Time, The Thunder Remains Forever.
Revelation received by the Spirit August 8, 2000.
Heralds the Dawn of the Lamb
Before the Morning at Dawn, a Darkness will cover the Earth and the Sea.
Angels will Hush the Tone of their Song and
Whisper Victory to the King.
The Lion will roar a shattering Cry then kneel at the feet of the Lamb,
Surrendering his Power of the King of Beasts and Embrace the Lamb so Humble and Low.
Tears of Joy will stream down His Breast
Moistening the Earth with a soft Dew.
In Reverance to the Prince of the Kingdom the Lion will remove His Crown
And place it at the Foot of the Throne.
His Mantle removed He will Cloak It about the Neck of the Pure White Lamb,
Whose Glory will Lighten the Garment anew till it shines with the
Radiance of clear shining glass and emanates a bright Golden Hue.
The Heavenly Beast stripped of His Garb
Naked at the Feet of the Lamb lies down.
A Trumpet of Gold in a sharp loud blast Heralds the Dawn of the Lamb.
An Eagle of Mighty Strength and Power circles above His Head...
Landing upon the Brow of the Lamb who in swiftness now takes flight
With the Wings of the Kingdom swirling with Fire, and Swoops down on the Floor of the Sea.
The Thunder below shouts in a Rushing Song calling the Host of the Eagle's Kingdom.
A Mass so Mighty and Countless and Strong His Name will roll Forth
At the Shout of the Trump made by the Thundering Sea.
Prepare to advance from the Island and Sea and Mountains and Valleys and Sky.
From all around sounds the Tone of the Great Thundering Sea.
Reign Water and Fire upon his Head.
Oh Mighty Thunder Rejoice in the Name.
Sing long the Praise of His Reign
Till Earth and Sky again are One
And the Stars come down from Above.
Oh Mighty Thunder and Host of the Sea
Carry the winds to His Feet
And Beckon the Sea to Rise with a Wave
Towering above the Brow of the Lamb.
Adorn His Garments with Wind and Fire
And sprinkle His Brow with Salt from the Sea.
Issue the Fire from a Gulf in the SEa.
Blow Winds from the East and the West.
Crumble the Salt on the Earth below
And Drum Thunder from beneath the Sea.
Cast down the Mountains to the Island Sands
Spew forth the Springs below the Earth
Open the Highway to the Mountainous Bridge
In the Midst of the Waters in the Sea.
Here, Thunder remains in Rushing Song
To greet the King of All Eternity.
Revelation received by the Spirit August 10, 2000.
The Stone of Eternal Light
Stark and cold the surface of the stone within nearly froze the passions of our hearts.
Humanity alone could not bear the weight of the talent of the stone of pure white,
Whose light like a prism in the darkness of night
Was unable to reveal the colors of it's light.
In the midst of the dawn of the age of reason,
Where oneness calls in the shadows of night, a Voice cries out
With a ringing of Sound that touches the Souls of Mankind.
Understanding hidden from the Mind and the Heart
For Aeons and Aeons of time, a Key will unlock the Mystery
And reveal the Name of the Stone as it shouts Song and Thundering to the Heavens.
Colors of Harmony will encircle the Shroud of Night
And lighten the Path now dim to Mankind.
One filled with Love and Compassion will come and burn with the Might of a Fire
The covering Veil of Illusion and usher in the Age of the Light.
Stark and Cold the surface of Hearts will remain till the Embers of Fire
Melt the Stone, Who stand in the Doorway to the Realms of What Will Be
And All that has Ever Been.
The One immersed in the Love and the Fire is the only One
Who can walk on the Seas and cross the Great Gulf to the Heart of the Light,
Embers of the Fires of Eternity.
A Prelude to Time and Eternity, Ascension was and will always Be the Way to the Heart
Of the Throne of I Am, where God and Man walk in Unity.
All that is separate will cease to Exist in the Realm of the One Who I Am,
For His Word is His Power and Love is His Word and Nothing More can there Now or Ever Be.
To those who seek Wisdom, first enter Love
And walk in the Light of Eternity.
Cast down your Powers of Mortality and Illusion will cease to Be.
Immerse in the Love on the Mountain of Eternal Oneness where Fire and Ice
Flow with Light and Embody the Hearts of All That Is and Was and Will Ever Be.
The Path to the Stone of Eternal Light is marked by Song and Thundering.
Tune to the Sound of the Silence of Light and cease the aimless Wandering.
Be still in Vast Wilderness in the Land of Strangers where Mankind is lost,
And awake to the Sound of Remembering.
All that you see there will be familiar as you
Enter the Realm of Harmony.
Be not afraid for the Power of Fear, destroys all that Creator can be.
Embrace only that which cannot be seen and cease all doubt and wondering.
Believe in the Powers that exist within, cast off all appearing externally.
This Word that I Am Speaks to Day is a Key to All Ancient Prophecy,
For What Once Was, Is Now and Will Always Be, as the One is Constant yet changing.
Only the Heart filled with the Power of Love can unlock the Door with the Key.
The Path therein rages with Fires of Soul in the Midst of Spirit
Thundering in the Sea.
The Sound of a Heartbeat in the Stillness of Silence
Is the loudest Sound there can Ever Be.
Enter the Room when the Quiet invades, and Know that There I Am will Be.
Prepare for the Trumpets of Thunder to Sound when this Word rings out to Creation,
For what Was spoken in Tones in Antiquity must now in Time be fulfilled.
The Circle was formed in the Beginning of Time to mark the Path for the Lost.
Traveling at rates of speed mankind can not Fathom, the Thunder traverses the Galaxy.
Roaring with thunder and Lightning and Hail,
The Stone is cast to the Depth of the Sea.
There it awaits in the Starkness of Silence for the One to Come to Be.
Inspiration received by the Spirit September 13, 2000.
Part Five****Seven Thunders*****Seeking Sanctuary

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Prayers for Wounded Knee

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This is a plea for continued prayers for Wounded Knee and the entire Lakota reservations in South Dakota. If you have a prayer to share, or a recorded dedication prayer in native Lakota tradition, please email so I can post it on the blog.

Our trip to Wounded Knee met with a few complications. However, we spent a lot of time in prayer for the healing of the tribe. It was more a private vigil for us that carried us to places in Wyoming which we never thought about visiting. Our trip culminated at Devil's Tower where we took some time to camp and reflect. We met some interesting friends there, photographers, so we enjoyed their company one evening while they shared their photos. Jerry and Ann were from New Jersey. They travel one month every year for four years now.

An interesting co-incidence occurred in that our friends Jerry and Ann also enjoy trips to Devils Tower, Wounded knee, and Tucumcari, one of our other favorite places. Actually, all these sites are sacred vigils for us along with a few others, like Indian Prairie in the Ochoco National Forest in Oregon. Synchronicity? Maybe. Co-incidence? Possible. Divine Providence and Universal guidance? Definitely.

I have a desire to write letters to as many people in the Lakota tribe as possible to ask them to host a large reconciliatory prayer assembly at Wounded Knee. The letters should come from people around the world. The letters to invite people from around the world should come, in my thoughts, from the Lakota. It will take a unified effort to bring this about. I am seeking volunteers to help bring about this vision.

Please write to if you would like to volunteer to help with this effort.

A date for the next prayer assembly at Wounded Knee will be posted in the future. It will probably take place some time in 2009. Please visit the Pine Ridge Reservations on your own initiative and help out in any areas possible. While you are there, please stop at the Wounded Knee cemetery and offer up your prayers.

Much love,

And may peace be with you.

Summer Breeze, The Midnight Writer