Prayers for Wounded Knee

Saturday, August 23, 2008 , Posted by TheMidnightWriter at 11:16 PM

This is a plea for continued prayers for Wounded Knee and the entire Lakota reservations in South Dakota. If you have a prayer to share, or a recorded dedication prayer in native Lakota tradition, please email so I can post it on the blog.

Our trip to Wounded Knee met with a few complications. However, we spent a lot of time in prayer for the healing of the tribe. It was more a private vigil for us that carried us to places in Wyoming which we never thought about visiting. Our trip culminated at Devil's Tower where we took some time to camp and reflect. We met some interesting friends there, photographers, so we enjoyed their company one evening while they shared their photos. Jerry and Ann were from New Jersey. They travel one month every year for four years now.

An interesting co-incidence occurred in that our friends Jerry and Ann also enjoy trips to Devils Tower, Wounded knee, and Tucumcari, one of our other favorite places. Actually, all these sites are sacred vigils for us along with a few others, like Indian Prairie in the Ochoco National Forest in Oregon. Synchronicity? Maybe. Co-incidence? Possible. Divine Providence and Universal guidance? Definitely.

I have a desire to write letters to as many people in the Lakota tribe as possible to ask them to host a large reconciliatory prayer assembly at Wounded Knee. The letters should come from people around the world. The letters to invite people from around the world should come, in my thoughts, from the Lakota. It will take a unified effort to bring this about. I am seeking volunteers to help bring about this vision.

Please write to if you would like to volunteer to help with this effort.

A date for the next prayer assembly at Wounded Knee will be posted in the future. It will probably take place some time in 2009. Please visit the Pine Ridge Reservations on your own initiative and help out in any areas possible. While you are there, please stop at the Wounded Knee cemetery and offer up your prayers.

Much love,

And may peace be with you.

Summer Breeze, The Midnight Writer

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