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In the year 2004, I was arrested at the California Rainbow gathering for gathering on National Forest System lands without a permit. The original citation was given to me two years prior in July 2002 in Michigan during that annual rainbow gathering. Two years later after court hearings and a second arrest, the forest service took me into custody and transported me to five facilities around the nation.

After thirty days of no contact with my family, or any one, my daughter drove from Pennsylvania to Michigan to take me to her home. At the same time, my husband Raven and dearly departed friend, Shanti Sena Luke, were on their way to rendezvous with me in New Mexico at the home of our dear friend Indian Bob.

During the entire drive from Michigan to Pennsylvania, I listened over and over to Footloose with my daughter Shannon's blessing. She knew I was happy to be free.

Listen to the song and you will understand why I chose this one as my freedom song.

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During the time of my first arrest and three arraignments in Sacramento Federal court, I traveled by train from Mount Shasta to Sacramento. With one week between each hearing, I prepared documents for court, consulted with Raven and family and friends to prepare my case. My favorite inspirational song during that time was "Eye of The Tiger."

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