I'm curious about any appeals cases on 36CFR261

Thursday, December 09, 2010 , Posted by TheMidnightWriter at 10:55 PM

I haven't stayed in tune with the rainbow gathering court cases this year so I would be fascinated to follow up on the latest news. I'm curious about any appeals cases on 36 CFR 261 stemming from the Pennsylvania gathering 2010 dating back to 1990. If any cases earlier than that are unresolved, that would be strange indeed. During the twenty year span I listed, I am interested in comparing the cases from start to finish based upon the laws or regulations at the time citations were received. Next, I want to compare the states where citations were given and list the fine amounts. The final comparison would be severity in sentences, fines or judgements. If anyone has information, please email themidnightwriter1@gmail.com

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