Name that Law Enforcement Officer

Thursday, July 20, 2006 , Posted by TheMidnightWriter at 9:05 PM

#1 : If you know the names of any Forest Service Law Enforcement Officers shown in this photo, please email us. If you witnessed the event shown in these pictures, please contact us about submitting an Affidavit for a better defense in our quest for Justice and protection against such an invasion in coming gatherings. Email Mark Rey in Washington, and ask him to dismiss all LEO's using excessive force and abusing their police powers in a fascist way.

Be a responsible peace keeper, get involved.

It is Just Us for Justice, after all.
Update: This information just came in July 21st by email regarding the picture above. This blog was published one day ago and posted on agr today. A blog is a useful tool folks. Let's keep this going.
The strawberry blonde guy on the right is "C Krogstat" or "C Krogsdat"It's one of these two guys but I don't know which oneCasey L. Krogstad Northeastern Forest Experiment Station Chad T. Krogstad Region 1TO see more information on these two officers use this link
Photo #2: Can anyone identify any of these Law Enforcement Officers, especially the one in the forefront? If the brother being tackled sees this photo, please contact us at .
Photo # 3:
PLease help us out here with identities, dates, etc.

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